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Predictable and Individual Solutions in Implant Reconstructions

Feb 9, 2024 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

One of the critical factor in functional and esthetic planning and therapy is the determination and reconstruction of the patient individual occlusal plane and the intraoral three-dimensional relation of the teeth.

When detecting the patient’s reproducible Natural Head Position (NHP) by means of the measuring/registering device, it is usually possible to localize a horizontal reference plane for the patient skull in the repeatable manner. During the registration, the patient intuitively positions the midline vertically and in the center of the device which allows the user to visualize and record the asymmetries from the patients face on the right and left side of this vertical reference plane.

Thus, in laboratory restorations or in the dental care, prior to setting up a therapy plan, it is possible to detect possible compensations, as well as to reduce or even prevent sources of error and transmission errors during the production or planning of a prosthetic restoration.  In the first steps of treatment planning the therapists can specify the right implant position, the screw-design and implant-abutment-connection. These parameters will be very important later on for the design of the implant-supported reconstruction.  The lecture will describe step by step – diagnosis – pictures – implant surgery - reopening – impressions - long term temporaries and finally full ceramic-arch supra-structures. An innovative approach for capturing and measuring patient-specific information.


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