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Alex Starostin

chief, orthopedic-implantologist, gnathologiest, O.O.Bogomolets National Medical University


Surgical dentistry, orthopedic dentistry, organization of medical management. institution, Academy of Postgraduate Education. P.L. Shupika. Graduated from the National Medical University named after A.A. Bogomoltsa.

Expert in complex treatment and rehabilitation of the jaw. Functions and planning of aesthetics in total rehabilitation. Gnatological reception for dysfunction of the jaw joints. Regular participant of symposiums, conferences, international courses.


All types of complex rehabilitation, including gnathological, orthopedic and surgical treatment:

  • Work with TMJ disorders, with joint and muscle dysfunction;
  • Carrying out work with individual digital devices;
  • Total prosthetics, bite and smile reconstruction using the most advanced methods and technologies;
  • Aesthetic prosthetics (“Hollywood smile”) with ceramic veneers, field veneers (hand made), metal-free crowns, semi-crowns, IPS e.max press-ceramics, zirconium crowns;
    Microprosthetics, microimplants;
  • Prosthetics based on implants (fixed, conditionally removable and removable structures).
  • Manufacturing of bridge prostheses of different lengths;
  • 3D modeling of a smile;
  • Digital diagnostics and planning;
  • Working with mouth guards for correcting the bite Invisalign USA.

Maxillofacial surgery:

  • Implantation of teeth of any complexity;
  • Bone and soft tissue augmentation;
  • Sinus lifting (open, closed);
  • Extraction of teeth of any degree of complexity (simple, complex, atypical);
  • Surgery under sedation;
  • Microimplantation of teeth;
  • Working with surgical templates;
  • Surgical interventions for orthodontic and orthopedic indications;
  • Plasmolifting; PRF; A-PRF;
  • Removal of cysts;
  • Working with a piezoelectric device;
  • Work with computer diagnostics and 3-D planning.
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