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Benefits of Membership

International Academy of Gnathology, American Section

  1. Discounted, member-rate tuition to Congresses:  the Congresses are world-class CE meetings that are held at outstanding venues.  Your tuition includes the attendance of a spouse or significant other at the evening social events.  CE credit is PACE-certified by the AGD.
  2. A subscription to the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry is included in your membership:  The JPD journal is one of the most read and influential journals in dentistry, and your subscription lasts 24 months.
  3. The dues are affordable:  This is one of the lowest-cost and best-value memberships for any dental accademy and has a convenient 2-year billing cycle.
  4. Special access to the "Members Only" area of the IAG website:  This area of the website makes it easy to connect with other members.  The member's contact information can be made "searchable", allowing patient access as a marketing and referral tool.
  5. Access to Gnathology Gnews:  This is the IAG's newsletter.
  6. Associate yourself in an academy of high-quality, dedicated, ready-to-learn dentists just like you!:  The manageable size of the Academy allows for comaraderie and friendships to form.  The Academy attracts many members from study clubs focusing on oral rehabilitation.
Thank you so much for your interest in joining the IAG. Membership in the International Academy of Gnathology, American Section, is easily attained. Applicants must be:
  • Dentists in good standing
  • Have an interest in the art and science of gnathology
  • Be willing to participate in the activities of the IAG
  • Abide by the constitution and bylaws of our organization
  • Have a desire to learn!

To Apply for Membership Click Here

For additional information about membership,
please contact our Secretary-Treasurer:
Eric McRory
3031 Orleans St, Suite 201

Bellingham, WA 98226-3557