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About the IAG

What is Gnathology?

"Gnathos", meaning jaw and "ology", meaning study of, or knowledge of. One who adheres to gnathological principles is practicing dentistry with respect to the entire stomatognathic complex and understands how the dynamics of mandibular movement have a profound effect upon the anatomy of all the teeth and their stance in the dental arches. It is taking the time to measure and record mandibular movements so that an accurate diagnosis can be made. This personalized information can be programmed into an adjustable articulator. A mutually protected, organized occlusion can be prescribed and provided for the patient. Gnathological treatment objectives include a centric relation occlusion; proper coupling of the anterior teeth; a comfortable, frictionless anterior disclusive angle and long term stability of the treated result. This "Organic Occlusion" will minimize excessive stress to the teeth, the periodontium, the muscles, the ligaments and the temporomandibular joints.

The "Science of Occlusion" is considered one of the most complex and difficult subjects in dentistry. Therefore it is seldom taught in dental schools to the degree that it should be and most graduates leave school with a very limited understanding of occlusion.

This knowledge and understanding must be achieved in post-graduate studies. Lectures on occlusion are helpful but the best way to obtain this knowledge is in a hands-on, study club environment. Gnathological study clubs exist worldwide and they are always willing to accept new members in pursuit of knowledge. The motto for the International Academy is, "An open market for the exchange of knowledge" and that is as it should be. (click on The History of Gnathology)

We meet every other year, in the fall. The month of the meeting depends on locale and weather.