Hand Holding Dentist Tool

Instrumentation for Accuracy

Time: Sep 26, 2024 11:15 AM - 12:45 PM

Selection of an articulator system used for diagnosis, modelling the restorative space, fabrication of indirect restorations and prostheses, and qualitative evaluation of those devices can be confusing or may seem entirely irrelevant or mysterious.  

This presentation will provide information useful to the participant by discussing the goals of using instruments and what we can reasonably expect them to do with evidentiary support from the literature. 

Digital articulators will be discussed including potential pitfalls and ways to leverage software to improve treatment times and outcomes. 

Learning objectives:

  1. Different types of articulators past and present
  2. Facebows and their use
  3. Selecting an instrument system based on occlusal philosophy
  4. Other parameters for selecting instruments
  5. Review of currently available systems
  6. Digital articulation 
  7. Limitations of digital workflows
  8. Questions for your laboratory
  9. The future - single teeth to full mouth rehabilitation. 
  10. Know how occlusal discrepancies may impact the onset and progression of periodontal diseases in patients
  11. Discuss the role of occlusal adjustment as a component of periodontal therapy