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Hands-On Session: To Augment Or Not To Augment - The Complex Interaction of Bone Rehabilitation and Guided Implant Placement

Time: Aug 18, 2022 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

The success rate of oral implantology his highly influences by the positioning of the implant and the surrounding tissues. Guided implantology offers insights into the anatomy of the situation before the operation begins, however it is very important to assess the possibilities and limitations of the techniques. Guided bone regeneration is the perfect addition to guided implantology as on the basis of preplanning the procedure the time of the operation can be reduced while the precision is increased.

Learning objectives:

  1.  How to decide when to augment or when to place short and diameter
    reduced implants - The role the patient`s medical history has in the decision
  2. What materials and techniques to chose from
  3. How to prevent or successfully solve complications
  4. How to use a 3D printer titanium mesh
  5. How to guide implants