Hand Holding Dentist Tool

Instrumentation Pearls to Reduce Restorative Headaches

Time: Aug 18, 2022 10:35 AM - 11:30 AM
Speaker: Dr. Lane Ochi

The success of our fixed restorations is based on the skill and care that is utilized in their fabrication. One of the essential tools is the articulator. If our only concern is the static relationship of occluding teeth, the design and use of our restorative instruments would be simple. But, the mandible is capable of rotation about three axes, and the final occlusal topography of our restorative efforts must allow for free movement of the opposing teeth without interfering with mandibular movements.

This presentation will focus on how to reduce positive errors in the creation of our restorations for less adjustment and more predictable outcomes.

All occlusal philosophies have the objective of equal contacts of the posterior teeth with no lateral interferences in function. And while most technicians can achieve this using any articulator, many restorations still require adjustments in the mouth.

This presentation will focus on understanding how to minimize adjustments when we deliver everything from the single unit to a full mouth reconstruction.

Learning objectives:

  1. Using the Kois DFA for communicate the functional relationship of the teeth and the patients rotational axis.
  2. Utilizing an interocclusal record taken at the Vertical Dimension of Restoration for less adjustments of the occlusion
  3. How to program our articulators to reduce positive errors