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Al Solnit Lecture: Occlusion and Temporo-Mandibular Disorders

Time: Aug 19, 2022 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Speaker: Dr. Gary DeWood

The connection between Occlusion and TMD continues to be one of the most actively debated subjects among doctors with a passion for one or both. Having been invested in both subjects for more than 40 years, at many points in my journey I have been quite clear about the relationship between these. Time on the planet combined with a willingness to hear others’ perspective has made it apparent to me that clarity is an ever-changing dynamic for anyone willing to be open to change. Unfortunately, many debates aim to dismiss another position rather than find the connections that make each person’s truth not only valid but vital. A moment of renewed clarity can be a wonderful experience, albeit one that is naturally fleeting when we continue to seek truth. Seeing connections in a way that brings another perspective, accepting the nature of clarity to be constantly NEW, does not in any way diminish the importance of what each thing being debated brings to the patients all of us dedicated ourselves to serve.

Learning objectives:

  1. Occlusal presentations of Temporo-mandibular disorders
  2. Non-occlusal presentations of Temporo-mandibular disorders
  3. Why the occlusion is always important to adaptation and stability